Look who’s coming to church!

While it has been exciting working on my new blog, personally I have had some physical challenges with plantar fascitis (good for sitting/writing, lousy for moving AT ALL even walking is exhausting).  Time to “refuel” at my local parish.  What a pleasant surprise to see one of my friends who was ordained right before I decided to become confirmed  in the parking lot of my parish to fill in for our rector who was on vacation.

Rev Whitney Smith used to work for the Indy Star, and as I walked in the door it was too tempting not to get my camera and get a quick selfie as well as documenting some of this service which is his first in a parish this size!  I mentioned we could help him get around and he stated he already had 3 offers, nice as there were only about 3 cars in the parking lot as choir practice was not even started yet!

The message for the Trinity Sunday reminded us about the creation story and how we as Episcopalians can care for the earth, ourselves, and each other.  Thanks so much Whit for being with us at St. Timothy’s!