Trapped in the mainstream media for a whole weekend…managed to learn something constructive!

OK, getting real here I love looking at multiple media sources from all sides of the aisle and really don’t think I have any media bubbles to burst but I found a way to do this assignment for citizen journalism school (just look at CNN, NBC, CBS on mainstream media for the weekend) as my friend who is going to rock this world with activism could use a kindle fire and that’s the prize.  Seriously I support most of Trumps agenda but I love Jimmy Dore who is progressive, some Alex Jones until the drama gets too boring, Fox for Greg Gutfield’s jokes and Sean Hannity’s cheerleading (glad he’s been called out on that but support his work), and checking out anyone else who might have some intelligent things to say about our current political climate.  Of course I’m pretty much addicted to Faultlines on Sputnik and Lee Stranahan’s periscopes but that’s only because I get the thinking (investigate and do something about it).

Three things that helped me survive were.  One, I have Netflix and can spend time there as this news is painful, two, some of these outlets still show entire sections of Trump speaking so I can see the original source, and three, Jay Sekulow was over there all weekend doing interviews (so I couldn’t check out his site which I love for legal education but learned from what he did there).  One word that will help me explain things even better used by Jay on ABC is conflate, which is to blow 2 stories together and make up a whole new narrative (wonder who does that LOL).  This is one reason I don’t usually watch them as there is nothing for me to use there to really help me get some decent research done and write something to make a positive journalistic impact on my spheres of interest.

One other sad thing I learned is that the Young Turks are joining Breitbart in following the mainstream too much, come on guys that’s disappointing Jimmy Dore can’t do it all!!!

In addition to learning a new word, I saw a great example of how the media omits areas that are important for the public to know in order to spin their narratives.  The Russia narrative is a powerful tool right now, as it hides the Ukraine situation where the US overthrew the government and then worked to interfere in an election and keeps the people from seeing that Russia is vital for us to work with to get peace in Syria (which is not good for business if you’re into elitism and corporations continuing to run everything and make money off the rest of us).

Jay Sekkulow not only “defended” Trump Junior (by the way he would be an excellent defense attorney as long as you’re not trying to work the system),  He brought up the Ukraine on CNN, ABC, and CBS this weekend which really ticked everyone off.  In addition to this he really hacked off CNN by not agreeing that if the New York Times says 17 agencies proved Russia hacked which was horribly offensive (by the way he didn’t argue it, just stated there are no facts to show Russia hacked at all which is even admitted by the New York Times deep down in their articles).

Great lesson learned, even watching the mainstream media can be educational!  Since it’s still Sunday I’m going to continue the assignment by going to Netflix great new mini series on Queen Elizabeth II!

Is a grand jury being fair when they don’t arrest cops after a death?

A man has been killed.  He had no weapon and he went to the parish where I was recently confirmed!  Wow, don’t know this man but this is very sad.  This is hard, but as a citizen journalist I am needing to look at the facts.  Our police chief has explained things that sound very much like this will be an open/transparent process but recently a protester complained that grand juries do not get much needed convictions.  So why use a grand jury?

In the cases of Ferguson and Staten Island, both went to a grand jury because that is standard practice when a case involves a police officer. It’s not the law, just the practice. What is commonly said is that “no one would ever be a police officer if it was otherwise.” I believe these cases went to a grand jury because the accused was a police officer, had qualified immunity and the incident occurred while the police officer was on duty.

So why would no one want to be a police officer without the ability to fully explain why they used force when people are unarmed?  Being new to this field I’m just learning, and there will be more as I learn the facts of this case, in the meantime this video below was very enlightening….