A conspiracy theory I believed in 1996.

On April 3, 1996 there was a tragic plane crash.  So why did this happen? According to a leader in a cult group I was in this had nothing to do with Ron Brown but with someone else on the plane.

The above is what was announced at lunch to a room full of members of this group I was actively involved in.  While I was not in the room at that time, I was an active member in that group and if one of “God’s leaders” said it this had to be true!


One thought on “A conspiracy theory I believed in 1996.”

  1. Wow, this is a perfect example of how people are able to twist Biblical teachings and Scripture to fit their own weird agenda/narrative. It’s sad b/c so many people are led into error with this kind of teaching. Thanks for sharing and glad you’ve been led out of error and into Truth. 🙂

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