About Me

My email is lrbanton1@gmail.com

My pugs have a website too!

My name is Lydia Banton and I am excited about this opportunity to get back into writing and do what I can to make a positive impact.

I was in a religious cult for 15 years and have seen many others write books about their experiences but don’t know if it’s a good idea to start a project like that right now as it sounds so BORING to sit alone and write for hours without having a way to interact with others.   I have 2 master’s degrees the first one was music education and I ended up overqualified and still struggling with personal issues around that cult group I was in.  When I got out of the group I was working with a group helping others who got out but the insanity grew too much, I left there, and in the meantime discovered I would rather work with people as a counselor than sit in an office typing letters for someone else and answering the phone.

I have a degree in marriage & family therapy but ended up working in a mental health center as it is fascinating to work with the severely mentally ill.  That was 10 years ago though and I am looking for other avenues to develop professionally while I stay working with this center seeing what opportunities may come up.

Not sure what I’m going to write about but papers, research and getting out to talk to others is too much fun not to see what happens here!

As for politics, seriously I never had any interest until after the election in November.  Before that I was too busy with other things but there is a serious need for addressing what is going on in our culture today. After getting furious at the democrat party about not focusing on the civil issues and surprised at the republicans for not being what the left sells I am excited about learning more about the impacts of politics at this time on society and how to combat the mind control that is permeating society around those topics.  Sometimes it’s hard to not get frustrated with news people who don’t seem to be able to connect the dots on simple concepts and ruminate in fear about illogical narratives but then again its time for me to back off there and instead of ignoring everyone do what I can to educate and bring facts to folks.