Is a grand jury being fair when they don’t arrest cops after a death?

A man has been killed.  He had no weapon and he went to the parish where I was recently confirmed!  Wow, don’t know this man but this is very sad.  This is hard, but as a citizen journalist I am needing to look at the facts.  Our police chief has explained things that sound very much like this will be an open/transparent process but recently a protester complained that grand juries do not get much needed convictions.  So why use a grand jury?

In the cases of Ferguson and Staten Island, both went to a grand jury because that is standard practice when a case involves a police officer. It’s not the law, just the practice. What is commonly said is that “no one would ever be a police officer if it was otherwise.” I believe these cases went to a grand jury because the accused was a police officer, had qualified immunity and the incident occurred while the police officer was on duty.

So why would no one want to be a police officer without the ability to fully explain why they used force when people are unarmed?  Being new to this field I’m just learning, and there will be more as I learn the facts of this case, in the meantime this video below was very enlightening….